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6 - 14 JUNE 2018


Orchid Inspiration Days is an event during which 14 growers open their nurseries to customers and end-customers over 7 days.
Specially organised for the (inter)national trade and end-customer
Orchid Inspiration Days is specially organised for businesses that buy orchids. If you work in the horticulture industry at an exporter, wholesaler, Cash&Carry, garden centre, florist, DIY store, supermarket or other related sales outlet for orchids, you are very welcome to visit the participating orchid specialists during the Orchid Inspiration Days. These fourteen nurseries will be delighted to inspire you with their remarkable products and concepts. Your (end-)customers are also very welcome to attend!

The organisers would ask you to register in advance to ensure rapid entry at the various locations. Enter your details below. If you are visiting the event with your end-customer, don’t forget to provide their details as well.
know other customers who would also be interested in visiting the Orchid Inspiration Days, they are obviously very welcome. They can register on our website.
News and further information
After you register you will be kept up to date with information about the event before and during the event.